• Consultants: Chase Jobs Consultancy have worked extensively in the industry and have a wealth of experience in the domain as well as processes. The consultants are highly experienced and well networked to leverage the well implemented methodology to fulfill our client's expectations with speed and quality of service.
  • Client Focus: Chase Jobs Consultancy partners with clients to build champion leadership teams. We strive to build the long term relationship and take that extra care and effort to understand client needs and expectations. Our clients benefit from our knowledge, industry focus, network and the commitment to make every assignment a success.
  • Industry Focus: Chase Jobs Consultancy brings immense focus of industry helping since it are critical to understand the specific needs of industry to provide higher value service. This helps Placement Mumbai consultants to target and later on close the right candidate for our client.


HR Outsourcing is widely spread today, irrespective of the firm being big or small. HR outsourcing helps to fulfill the strategic goals of the business reduces cost and time to manage the HR department. HR outsourcing assigns the management of all functions relative to the human resources needs of the business to a third party provider who specializes in the management of human resources. This makes the staff able to pursue those tasks that will be most profitable for the business as a whole.

Reduces Cost & Time. Overseas staffing requirements and the negotiations related to them. Exposure to candidates with wider knowledge and experience. Get access to large talent pool Helps to track department objectives and goals transform the organization


  • We are giant manpower outsourcing and keeping the aim to owned top job consultant in India for providing best consulting expertise in recruitment and HR Services .We focus on timely delivery of the HR services without any compromise on the quality to maintain our competitive edge in the market. We focus on quality of manpower supplied by us & follow the best practices to maintain the high standard.

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